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Who Are We ?

Peruvian Products - INKA Products

Between tradition and modernity

INKA PRODUCTS is a company that has managed to find a balance between tradition and modernity by taking advantage of traditional know-how to design avant-garde products with an original design.

The beauty and colors of Peru

Styles, colors, patterns and different fabrics inspired by the country of the "Inkas" added to the modernity of Europe, make our selection of fashion and decorative objects a real jewel accessible to all.

In our range we have jewelry, accessories, clothing and decoration with Peruvian colors and design.

Ancestral traditions and ethical trade

Each piece is carefully made by hand. Every detail, every elaborate pattern and every color tells a story. Exclusivity in our range is assured, each piece is unique because mass production is not our goal. INKA PRODUCTS has a “slow fashion and sustainable” philosophy where we prioritize quality over quantity. From this fundamental concept comes exclusive designs and quality products. We are committed to working directly with craftsmen and manufacturers with the aim of fair trade so that each actor is paid their fair value. We support local artisans and respect their age-old techniques that have been passed down generation after generation.

Peruvian art and design

We offer clothing, jewelry, decorative objects and original accessories with an elegant design and quality. To further complement the know-how of Peruvian artisans who are a great source of inspiration, we also collaborate with Peruvian art and design professionals ready to showcase all the richness, culture and history of Peru.

Peru inspires us

Peru always inspires us, for this reason our website INKA PRODUCTS is also a space that will allow us to share the craftsmanship, cultural richness and diversity of the country of the Incas with you thanks to our blog on our website and to the various social networks like Instagram and Facebook.